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Marketing Campaigns


At Tiger Marketing we can help you truly motivate your audience by creating stunning advertising and marketing campaigns that reinforce your bespoke message to your target audience that will ensure they sit up and listen!


Roar creativity.

We love developing and creating marketing campaigns. We’re incredibly passionate about it, so for us – and you – it’s an exciting adventure.

At Tiger Marketing the whole team gets involved in the creative process, pooling together our expert knowledge and energetic imaginations to ensure we deliver big, bold and beautiful campaigns.

If you need to boost your revenue, create more leads or increase customer sign-ups then we can devise and implement an integrated marketing campaign across multiple platforms (social media, email, newsletters, direct mail, newspaper ads and fresh website content) to help you get results.

Not just a pretty picture.

Did you know the average person needs to see an advertisement at least 3 times before it becomes embedded in their subconscious?

And that each advert should carry the same message, deliver the same brand sentiment, yet remain distinct from the previous to keep the customer intrigued?

Measurable results.

Analytics are essential to your business, as they are ours. That’s why our process of measuring a campaigns’ success means you receive accurate, comprehensive and easy to understand reports throughout the campaign.

No such thing as one-size fits all.

Through our experience in working with diverse industries (estate agents, beauty, home improvement, health and automotive to name a few), we understand that every business requires its own unique approach.

We’ll tailor a marketing campaign to reflect your business and your clients, ensuring it is well thought through and carefully planned.

First impressions count...

make sure yours is one you are proud of

Looking for a business brand make-over or to spice up some of the following areas?

  • Advert designs
    • Adverts for a series in a newspaper or magazine
    • Billboard poster design 
    • Cover images or newsfeed adverts for social media platforms 
  • Branding or re-branding your business
    • Logo and corporate identity 
    • Marketing literature (leaflets, newsletters & brochures)
    • Social media platforms
  • Copy writing
    • Producing unique, relevant, grammatically correct, well-written articles, blogs, social media content and website content. 
  • Focus Groups
    • SWOT analysis with key stakeholders 
    • Collating marketing initiatives with staff 
  • Imagery
    • Sourcing relevant imagery free or paid 
    • Designing imagery and graphics suitable for your marketing campaign 
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning (click for more information)

We also work really well alongside other creative people; if you have a specific graphic designer or website designer that you usually use, we are very happy to meet with them and all work together!

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