3 digital marketing myths: busted

Posted by Tiger Marketing on 08 January 2019

The relative infancy of digital marketing as a practice has meant that numerous mythologies have emerged. Here are just a few of those fictions and the real truth behind them.




1. Digital marketing is only a Big Business game
Don’t believe a word of it. Although big businesses might have hefty marketing budgets, their piles of money don’t necessarily translate into better campaigns. In fact, there are many low-to-no budget campaigns that have been very successful over the years, one key example being the success of smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, which we covered here previously.

2. Email marketing is just unsolicited ‘spam’


Source: Econsultancy | Companies were asked to rate these channels in terms of their ROI

OK, so some of it is. But there is a difference between using email marketing as an effective strategy and abusing it. What’s more, as can be seen from the graph above, research proves that email marketing for your business (done right) offers the highest Return On Investment (ROI) of any other digital marketing channel. With promotions, relevant updates and free coupons to giveaway, email marketing remains the most profitable of all the marketing platforms.

3. The more social media platforms you’re on, the better



Source: Accion | Not all social media platforms are created the same – and that’s a good thing.

Social media platforms these days are varied and numerous, and that mix is not comprised of carbon copy ideas or audiences. For this reason, it very much comes down to where your customers spend their time online. Research into your target demographic in order to discover the platforms they use is both essential and economic (social media marketing and management is time-consuming). Ultimately it is better to dedicate valuable time to a few platforms as an expert than become the jack-of-all-trades on all of them and master of none.

This is not an exhaustive list of misconceptions around digital marketing, just a little taster of a few of the most common.

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