Amberstone Security marketing strategy

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Who & what are they?

Amberstone Security are a major supplier of intelligence-led manned guarding and loss prevention services and one of the leading providers of electronic security solutions operating across the UK and Europe.

The Goal

Build a focused, realistic, data driven plan that all parties are aware of, buy into and can work collaboratively towards. Devise a proactive, systematic plan of action that we work through to achieve the goals and objectives.

What we did

Researched their online landscape, assessed trends in data and worked our opportunities that competitors are missing. Executed a detailed website audit, customer journey and behaviour flow. Reviewed over 10,000 search terms and are now working through the marketing strategy, executing and implementing the tactics.

The Results

Identified 25,000 search opportunities on topics closely related to our offerings.

Discovered which keywords and terminology needed to be changed to become more relatable to their target market and to help increase rankings.

Produced a detailed an 8 step strategy to work through in order to achieve their goals.

Executed a recruitment through social advertising and placed 44% more high quality candidates in the same time period than ever before.

What our clients say...

"We approached Tiger Marketing to support us with a new outsourced digital marketing strategy, including key deliverables and tactical tasks all underpinned by data. This strategy has not only improved our digital marketplace, recruitment and advertising campaigns, but has also driven success inwardly and outwardly with our brand positioning and reputation – Tiger are the company to grrrr to regarding all things digital marketing!"

Dan Hardy

Managing Director of Amberstone Security

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