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Who & what are they?

The home of beautiful flooring – they offer a range of high-quality carpets, wood flooring, laminates and luxury vinyl tiles.

The Goal

To ensure an effective migration from their outdated website to a newly designed ecommerce website – updating the design, part of the content and site structure, improving the user experience (UX) in terms of usability to purchase online and site speed. All of this had to be done while minimising the loss of traffic as much as possible. Some loss of traffic is inevitable during a site migration, but retaining our high search engine rankings to avoid loss of revenue was a key priority.

What we did

  • Extensive planning and research
  • Regular meetings and updates to ensure a continuous, smooth transition and that timelines were met
  • Testing, testing, testing and regular reviews of our plans


The detail:

The migration began with meticulous preparation work over a 5-month period, involving thorough pre-migration discussions between the client, Tiger Marketing and third parties to ensure all areas of the migration would be covered.

We then carried out an in-depth analysis including a full site audit, server performance, position tracking, URL mapping of existing pages and content backup. A detailed site migration plan was then drawn up, ensuring all parties had a clear timeline of events and actions to work to.

Comprehensive pre-launch testing of the new website reviewed the UX and navigation, and ensured all contact forms and emails provided an effective customer journey. We confirmed tracking was set up correctly, priority URLs were indexed and backlinks were updated. New search engine optimisation (SEO) content was added and updated, including meta titles, page introductions, H tags and product information.

All marketing channels were utilised to update customers about the new website including social media, email and PPC. Once the new site was live, we continued to monitor position tracking, traffic, redirects and analytics to ensure the migration ran as efficiently as possible.


The Results

The site migration was a huge success. Initially, we only lost 1.7% of traffic, which is incredible for a large ecommerce site with the number of changes required. After just 3 weeks, we’d increased visibility for our keywords and website traffic was higher than before.

We markedly improved many technical SEO elements on the site, it’s faster and more robust and has better SEO-related content. The structure and navigation are purposely set up for SEO success, and we optimised their PPC shopping feed to be better synced with the way people search for their products and to take them to relevant, useful landing pages.

  • All new URLs were indexed by Google within a week of the website going live
  • Several of our most important new URLs replaced or surpassed our old URL rankings in the search engines
  • The bounce rate improved by 56%
  • After 2 months, the client reported having their best months in turnover, each and every month to date (6-month period)

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