Roffey Homes Marketing Strategy

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Who & what are they?

Roffey Homes are family-run property developers who have shaped the Sussex skyline since 1960. They create luxury homes through thoughtful design and exceptional craftmanship.

The Goal

To enhance Roffey Homes’ brand perception, increase awareness within West Sussex, and effectively market individual developments to their target audience. This will involve countering negative perceptions, highlighting the company’s heritage and community involvement, and implementing tailored marketing strategies for each development.


What we did

Conducted thorough research into both their online and offline presence, identifying key trends in data to uncover untapped opportunities. Through a comprehensive website audit and in-depth analysis of customer journey and behaviour we scrutinised over 1,000 search terms, pinpointing precise areas for SEO and content optimisation. We have highlighted areas for improvement and are currently in the process of executing and implementing a targeted marketing strategy to maximise impact.

The Results

Analysed over 1,000 search terms and identified key relevant search opportunities on topics closely related to our offerings.

Discovered which keywords and terminology needed to be changed to become more relatable to their target market and to help increase rankings.

Produced a detailed strategy for both quick wins and long-term strategies to work through to achieve their goals.

Created a new brand tone of voice and started writing new engaging and relevant content for the website.

Set up social media accounts and posting relevant and interesting content that engages our audience.

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