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Who & what are they?

Sopoco offers solar panel installation for both domestic and commercial properties across Worthing and West Sussex. Set up by friends David Cracknell and Russell Brown, the idea for Sopoco came out of a passion for clean, renewable energy that doesn’t cause further damage to the planet, and a desire to help people take control of their bills and gain energy security.

Solar power is a fast-growing industry, and the demand for solar panels on residential properties in the UK has grown steadily over the past decade. But Russell and David noticed that many solar panel companies were more interested in adding as many panels as possible to a property, rather than taking the time to gain an in-depth understanding of customers’ energy usage. This gave them the opportunity to do things differently: they would combine their areas of expertise in order to take a holistic approach to solar panel installation.

The Goal

When we started working with Sopoco, it quickly became clear from the research we undertook as part of our comprehensive ‘housekeeping’ stage and through getting to know the Sopoco team that pay-per-click advertising (PPC) was the best channel to focus on. So, working with David, we set out the following goals:

  • To establish Sopoco as the go-to brand for solar panel installation in the local area
  • To develop PPC ad campaigns for both domestic and commercial prospects
  • To promote our unique selling points and streamlined service process
  • To support business growth
  • To develop an advertising funnel from brand awareness to consideration, through to engagement and purchase

What we did

We started with broad learning campaigns, bringing large amounts of local traffic to Sopoco’s new website. Then we analysed the traffic and the terms users were searching for, and began to refine the campaigns to limit them to the traffic with the highest click rates and the most on-site engagement.

The Results

Within 2 months we earned our first conversions, which were high quality leads. In the most recent month, September 2023, this conversion rate increased by 166.67% and the client is now booked up until Christmas.

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