World Extreme Medicine #WEM Conference

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Who & what are they?

Only the most extreme medical conference in the universe with extraordinary diverse speakers including special forces medics, expeditioners, extreme athletes, war surgeons, humanitarians, medical researchers, emergency first responders and organisations such as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

The Goal

Sell as many tickets as possible but the target was 700 tickets.

What we did

Produced blog content, nurtured database through email content, improved their SEO and implemented an online PPC strategy through Facebook and Instagram.

The Results

Sold out the event with 900 tickets. We have now taken the event online as well as physical to meet with the growing demand.

What our clients say...

“Louise’s expertise and enthusiasm she personally brings to Tiger Marketing is hugely valuable. A huge thank you for everything you and the team do for us, ever since the start of our partnership back in 2017. In this time, we have grown tremendously, and considerable changes have occurred, the Tiger team have of course made a significant contribution to this.”

Nick Struthers-Frost

Operations Director, WEM

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