Our ROARsome highly experienced specialists scour the internet for your digital business imprint looking for issues to fix, opportunities to grab and ideas to develop. This forms the Digital Marketing Audit which allows us to identify the work required and produce great content to make your business ROAR louder.

What is Digital Marketing?

Also known as Online Marketing, it’s advertising your business to customers through digital channels such as websites, social media and email.

People want to access information quickly, whilst on the go. Digital marketing immediately connect brands to their audience online – but the real talent lies in the content.

Get digitally awesome content…

  • Website review. Review the look, feel, flow, structure and usability of the website from a customer’s perspective and execute a technical audit. Analyse the content, images and internal/external links. (We don’t actually design or build websites ourselves but we can recommend ROARsome web designers and are happy to project manage the job.)
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO). We’ll assess where you rank for your most popular keywords and against your competitors. From citation audits to backlinks and business listings. Click here for more SEO info.
  • Social media. We’ll review each social platform, activity levels, interaction and analyse your content. Click here for more social media info.

Here’s what
you get

  • A digital marketing audit assessing identifying opportunities and areas for improvements, and identify which channels are most suitable.
  • A robust content strategy based on keyword research so we deliver content that your readers will devour.
  • Produce unique, relevant, grammatically correct, well-written articles, blogs, social media content and website content.
  • Drive engagement and increase authority in your industry.

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Content marketing

We say content is ‘King’ as it leads the charge ahead of everything else - it’s so very, very important. Its job is to educate, entertain or inspire your would-be customers and must be distinctly ‘un-salesy’. It takes time, effort and expertise.

We’ll raise awareness of your business through masterful, ingeniously curated content using popular keywords to ensure your content is what your target audience is searching for.

Blogs and articles

Research and write interesting content on highly searched for topics to secure top Google ranking spots such as featured snippets and knowledge graph.

Website content

We research thousands of keywords, topics and questions to help ensure your website content and pages present themselves to your ideal customers.

Email marketing

In need of a newsletter or promotional emails, automated or send out in real-time? We’ll build and write engaging content to go out to your segmented database with a strategic plan covering optimal times and dates to send out.


We work with fabulous photographers, videographers and graphic designers to produce bespoke content (graphics, illustrations, videos etc ) that reflects your brand and messaging.

PR & reputation management

We will handle all public relations (PR) matters as well as looking at your branding both online and offline. We know how to manage and respond to less than positive reviews too.

Social media marketing

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube… we can set up and manage your social media platforms and content. Covering organic posts and stories, to advertising and targeting. Click here for more social media info.

No matter what level of work you need, whether it’s a powerful social media campaign, refreshed website content, SEO (search engine optimisation) improvements, email marketing or all of the above, our team is here to help you and your business.

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What our clients say...

"Tiger Marketing changed our business, initially we were with a larger PPC agency but were not giving us results. The Tigers reviewed the account, made huge changes and sales flew in. We surpassed our first years targets by double the amount. The team are great and always help with emails, social media, content and website UX (user experience). A real multi-package deal!”

Jordan Woodhams
Director, WatchStatus


How do you know what content to write?

We conduct thorough keyword research to tell us what your customers are searching for, what questions they are asking and what topics they are researching. We then work with you and your team to produce the relevant, accurate, interesting content.

What style do you write in?

This depends on the tone of voice for your business and we can adapt to suit, it’s important the content fits with your brand personality.

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