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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is all about making DIRECT contact with your customers advertising your product, service or brand. This method is unique in its approach as it enables you to target your audience with a personalised message that is of specific interest to the end user.

Cost Effective.

Direct marketing can be extremely cost effective and hugely powerful at generating more business and revenue as you are sending a tailored marketing message to an individual, as opposed to ‘above the line’ marketing methods such as newspaper adverts which are seen by many people.

We can you use your existing database, a purchased database or target a specific audience through digital direct marketing methods using the following:

  • Traditional Direct Marketing
    • Direct mail / door drops
    • Leaflets / flyers / postcards
    • Letters / invitations
    • Telemarketing (we don’t carry out the phone calls but can produce the strategic plan and script)
  • Digital Direct Marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Mobile and SMS marketing
    • Google Adwords and PPC campaigns
    • Social media advertising

We’ll sit down with you and look at your customer touch-points, what you currently send out and with what messaging.



  • Cost effective with quick wins
  • Evaluated and measured precisely
  • Works for B2B and B2C industries
  • Ability to direct customers to specific landing pages – i.e. more marketing messages

Maybe there is room for a debate that PPC is not direct marketing as you wouldn’t target customer using a database and therefore do not have individual data on each recipient. Our reply would be that if users click your online ad (that has a personalised message that is of specific interest to the end user) you can then track their online behaviour using their IP address and cookies and then start building a database.

A direct marketing campaign with a clear call to action can help increase sales by attracting new customers, retain existing customers which results in customer loyalty and reactivate past customers, generating new business.

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