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Google Analytics is a powerful tool for businesses seeking insight into how their customers engage with their websites, from landing to conversion. The latest version, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), will replace Universal Analytics on 1st July 2023. Here at Tiger Marketing, we have the expertise to help you transition seamlessly to GA4.

What is GA4?

GA4 is the fourth version of Google’s website analytics platform. It will become the default analytics option when Universal Analytics (UA) is deactivated in July 2023 – and crucially, Google will not migrate your data from UA to GA4. What GA4 offers is a more powerful, streamlined version of the web analytics tool that Google has offered to website owners for years now.

Beyond being able to see where users are clicking on your site, it gives you insights into who they are, where they’re from, and how they behave on your site. It’s also customisable, with integration into Google Ads as well as reporting and dashboarding tools like Looker Studio. That means you can track and measure conversions like form fills or even phone calls from your advertising campaigns, in real-time reports.

What’s the rush to change?

  • Combined website and app data. More and more businesses are offering both website and app-based engagement with their users and Google recognises this. GA4 combines these data streams in a simpler fashion so that you can track and analyse your userbase in one place.
  • Event-based, not session-based. Tracking is changing to suit user preferences. Shifting the focus from a user’s session to simply the events they trigger with your business puts the emphasis on consensual interaction as opposed to constant observation.
  • Cookieless measurement. With an emphasis on user privacy, Google goes a step further with GA4 and removes the need for cookie tracking altogether. Instead, by relying on machine-learning and anonymous data, Google can give you an accurate picture of your customer base, without breaching their privacy.
  • And much more. Google has also upped their game in terms of easy-to-use predictive metrics that give you at-a-glance insights into how your website is doing, letting you know when your ad traffic is down, when a new blog has gone viral, or whether a month is bringing in more revenue than last year.

Migrate with us

  • It’s a little known fact that some tigers do migrate. Whether it’s SEO migration, or just migrating a tool like GA4, we’re ready to help.
  • We’ll start with a review of your current Google Analytics setup – it’s a great opportunity to work out any kinks.
  • Then we’ll get your new account set up and processing data, plugging in your ads account and conversions.
  • We’ll do all the needed housekeeping like IP filters, events setup, Google Tag Manager tag updates, and so on.
  • Finally, we’ll shut down your old account and put any needed historical data into reports for your records.

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Where can I learn more about GA4?

Our GA4 blog sheds a little more light on how the new analytics tools will work, highlights the core differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics, and explains why you should seriously consider making the switch as early as possible.

Google’s own Help articles have a section dedicated to GA4 – they get quite technical but are comprehensive.

Can you help integrate GA4 with Shopify, Wordpress, etc...

Google has given us an abundance of time to transition over to GA4, and the team at Tiger has been using that time to become top tier experts – no matter the platform your website is built on.

Shopify’s official GA4 support is now live and we can help you get it set up perfectly. WordPress is even simpler via Google’s official Site Kit plugin, in combination with Google Tag Manager.

No matter the platform we can help.

Do you provide GA4 training?

We think any business that wants to get deeper into their analytics is on the road to success. Knowing your audience, being able to spot problems with your site, and monitoring campaigns as they unfold, are all critical benefits to using Google Analytics.

Beyond getting you set up on GA4, and migrating away from Universal Analytics, we can work with you create custom reports, set up conversion and eCommerce tracking, guide you through how to track your marketing funnel.

Have a big group you’d like to train all in one go? Get in touch and we can discuss your specific needs and devise a solution that fits, together.

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