How do I increase my website ranking on Google?

Posted by Tiger Marketing on 07 July 2019

We are often asked…

“How do I get my website to rank higher?”

“How do I improve my SEO?”

“Are there any short cuts to improving my search engine optimisation?”.


There are no short cuts, and there is no point in doing a half hearted job for quick, small gains that could result in long term penalisations from Google. Be prepared to invest time and effort in doing a great job which will give you lasting, positive benefits.

the key to search engine optimisation

So what is SEO? 

To cut a long story short, SEO (search engine optimisation) is about giving the end user the best experience possible. When the end user types in a key phase they want to end up at a relevant, useful website that can answer their questions. There are ways that help the end user find your websites such as:

  • Social Media. Don’t go overboard and activate every platform there is. Consider which ones are suitable to your business and customer needs. Then regularly publish interesting, relevant, topical information to these platforms.
  • Back-links and Business Listings. This needs to be a slow, steady process where the links and listings are carefully selected on relevance, quality and authority. Remember each bio must be unique too.

There are features on your website that you can utilise to also help:

  • A blog that is published regularly to let Google know your website is active and loved. (Click here for tips on how to write a brilliant blog)
  • Links to your social media platforms from your website – don’t forget Google Plus as nobody loves Google more than Google!
  • Name your images and add a brief description of the image in the “ALT text” (or alternate text) of what your picture shows. They are needed as Google reads words rather than reading the image itself.
  • Content is King. Relevant, useful content that is well written and to the point will be read. Ensure the content is unique and of high quality information as Google will compare your content to all of your competitors and rank accordingly.(If you’re stuck on ideas of how to plan your content, click here for some ideas.)


There are many more factors to consider and if you would like more information from a marketing agency that can help make lasting benefits to your website and increase your Google ranking, call us today on 01903 327 002. 

We will go through your business goals, look at who your clients are and how we can achieve the best results together.



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