Marketing campaigns

Do you want your business to ROAR louder? One of the most effective ways to do it is to launch a new message, or simply spice up an old one, with a campaign that is innovative, unique and compelling.

What is a marketing campaign?

It’s coming up with a different, relatable and memorable way to tell your audience why they simply must-have your product or service, but skilfully so they don’t feel sold to. They feel the message is personalised to them, even down to the marketing channels that they use.

We’ll create cool, fun, remarkable advertising and marketing campaigns that reinforce your message and will ensure people sit up and listen!

ROAR creativity

We love developing and creating marketing campaigns, from a Spring launch or Christmas campaign, a Black Friday promotion or a unique way to advertise your business to raise brand awareness. We’re incredibly passionate about it, so for us – and you, it’s an exciting adventure.

The whole team gets involved in the creative process, pooling together our expert knowledge and energetic imaginations to ensure we deliver big, bold and beautiful campaigns.

If you need to boost your revenue, create more leads or increase customer sign-ups, we’ll devise and implement an integrated marketing campaign across multiple platforms (social media, email, newsletters, direct mail, newspaper ads and fresh website content) to help you get results.

Here's what you get

  • A brainstorm session to discuss ideas and concepts.
  • A campaign to suit your business personality and appeal to your audience.
  • Substance and meaning behind the messaging and idea.
  • A comprehensive campaign that integrates across all marketing channels.
  • Measurable, tracked results and analytics.

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Looking for fierce results?

On average a person needs to see an advertisement at least 3 times before it becomes embedded in their subconscious! Each advert should carry the same message, deliver the same brand sentiment, yet remain distinct from the previous to keep the customer intrigued – this is how it can work:

Advert designs

  • Adverts for a series in a newspaper or magazine
  • Billboard poster and OOH (out of house) designs
  • Cover images or newsfeed adverts for social media platforms
  • Point of sale (signage, posters and window cards)


  • Unique, persuasive, relevant, grammatically correct, well-written content
  • From advertising headers, witty one-liners, engaging emails and encouraging call to actions

Direct marketing

  • Producing direct mail and door drops
  • Designing leaflets, flyers, postcards or letters
  • Telemarketing (we don’t carry out the phone calls but can produce the strategic plan and script)
  • Working with your existing database or a purchased database

Focus groups

  • SWOT analysis with key stakeholders and / or customers
  • Collating information for marketing initiatives
  • Discover and test pre-conceived findings and opportunities
  • Great for team buy-in and improving morale

Imagery & photography

  • A picture paints a thousand words – an important factor not to be overlooked
  • Source appropriate imagery (free or paid) that suits your brand personality
  • Incorporating the imagery and design into your marketing campaign

UX (User experience)

  • Review every step of the customer journey for a seamless, engaging conversion
  • Map out all marketing channels, messages and frequency rate that the customer sees throughout
  • Ensure the messaging changes and remains appropriate throughout the sales funnel stages

P.S. We also work really well alongside other creative people; if you have a specific graphic designer or website designer that you usually use, we are very happy to meet with them and all work together!

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What our clients say...

“We are over the moon with the work Tiger Marketing have carried out promoting our annual event, Just Walk. They understood our requirements, needs and vision from our initial meeting through to the event day. Great communication, ideas and most importantly results; they have really invested their time in us. We have formed a great relationship over the last 10 months, which has allowed for free flow conversations and a seamless working partnership. Every team member has been a pleasure to work with, and they all now feel like they are part of the Just Walk family.

"They have achieved huge successes in contributing to a doubling of our registration numbers this year, increased our Google ranking for main keywords by 65%, increased our Facebook followers by 22%, and have really made a difference creating a consistent voice and friendly tone for our brand across all of our marketing channels. We have noticed a massive increase across our social media in follower and engagement levels which has been brilliant and exactly what we needed to promote our business and take it to the next level. Like us, they may be a small team but they always see the big picture - they have been the perfect fit for our brand, we are so pleased to have found them and plan to work every year with them – in fact we have even recommended them to our sister company 'World Extreme Medicine', and they start work together in May.”

Kate Cahn
Events Co-ordinator, Just Walk

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