Marketing strategy

A solid strategy takes out much of the guesswork, leaving you with measurable results and visible opportunities for market growth.

What is a marketing strategy?

Combining your business goals and required marketing methods (identified in a digital marketing audit) into one single, realistic, measurable plan. A proactive way to prioritise necessary work that maintains focus and accountability.

47% of businesses don’t have a marketing strategy, and since you’re here, perhaps you’re one of them. Fortunately, creating one is less complicated or expensive than you might think.

We use our own well-practised internal strategy to help develop yours, meaning you end up with a highly actionable and repeatable process that’s guaranteed to earn you a healthy return on investment (ROI).

Our strategy is to improve yours.

Housekeeping & research. We begin by looking for opportunities.

Planning. We develop ideas based around that research.

Create. We put the theory into practice.

Execution. We discuss and adapt with you, then publish once approved.

Analyse & reflect. We review the results, measure the success and failures, and improve.

Repeat. The cycle goes back up to the research data and begins again.

Here’s what
you get

  • Unearth new opportunities to reach your market and boost revenue.
  • Better understand your ideal customers and how to reach out to them.
  • Define how your brand’s culture, purpose and values are seen by customers.
  • Define your market goals and exactly how to reach them without all the guesswork.

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What our clients say...

“An excellent strategy that was very well presented and you captured the essence of what we are hoping to achieve extremely well.”

Sarah Springford
Director, Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce


What does a marketing strategy cover?

Our strategies are tailored to your business, your business objectives, and ideas so they are all different. But to give you an idea, they can include audience demographics, market share, revive of your keywords, your online presence, competitor research and so much more.

Is a marketing strategy going to just tell me what I already know?

Some of it you will know, it is your business after all but there will be lots of data and trends that come out of our research and therefore new ideas and opportunities that you will not have thought of before.

What does a marketing strategy look like?

Although it depends on what you want it for and what business you are, we tend to produce them as a PowerPoint presentation so we can present each stage of our findings to you, along with our recommendations and how we plan to achieve your business goals.

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