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Marketing Strategy


It is getting evermore essential to provide your customers with a way of finding your business online and the process may not be as complicated or expensive as you might think.

A strategic marketing plan is the foundation of any business, large or small. At Tiger Marketing we know how vital it is to identify your business’ goals and combine them into a single, realistic, measurable plan.

Our strategy is to improve yours.

At Tiger Marketing we use our own strategy to help you find yours. Our approach is proven to work and we can guarantee you’ll see a definitive return on investment (ROI) with our SMART objectives and methods.

Research.       We begin by looking for opportunities.

We scour your current marketing model to decide what works and what doesn’t. We seek out your target audience. We decide how to segment your database and analyse your competitors’ behaviour.

Plan.              We develop ideas based around that research.

Here is where we develop our ideas, identifying key areas including your product, service and brand positioning within the market, budgeting, goal and objective setting, external and internal influences and create reports showing how it’ll all be achieved with a marketing plan.

We’ll agree the time spent on each area and ensure it meets your budget and timelines.

Create.          We put the theory into practice.

It’s go time. From our research we’ll select and implement the most relevant marketing communications mix (social media, direct mail, advertising, branding, etc.) best suited to your business and industry.

We’ll prepare ROARsome content and bespoke messaging to cut through the noise of general advertising to ensure your message reaches your target market and encourages positive reactions.

Reflect.         We review the results.

We measure the performance of the strategy’s execution and report its success highlighting key points that have really made a difference. We’ll also look for opportunities to improve on in order to continually stay ahead of competitors and keep going with fresh concepts and ideas.

Repeat.         The cycle begins again.

Stand strong...

stand out.

So if you feel your current efforts aren’t working or you don’t know where to begin, get in touch and let our strategy improve yours.

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