So what is social media?

Posted by Tiger Marketing on 03 June 2020



So what is social media?

Social media relates to the technology and platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) that enable transparent, engaging and interactive forms of public relations between a company and the public; predominately your customers.


How do we use it?

Allow customers to click through to Facebook and Twitter from your website. Add statements to Twitter with links directing customers to Facebook, and add messages onto Facebook with links directing them to your website. This way if you capture a potential customer through social media, they should eventually find themselves at your website with your contact details and information.


What’s the big plan behind it all?

“What am I going to offer my audience every single day?” is a question you have to ask yourself. The answer is social media is all about storytelling; sharing your experiences and information within your defined niche using a strong, consistent voice. People do business with people – more specifically, people they like and can relate to, so your ‘voice’ is key to building real, virtual relationships with your audience.


Building ‘brand trust’

It is important to show customers who you are… if you’re an independent, business offering high quality products with a caring, honest, fun attitude then share this! Ask existing customers what they like about your company and promote these points. Expressing this builds trust and reassurance. The customers that will benefit your business will be interested in these points. Social media gives you a platform to show your personality, style and characteristics. These are the subliminal messages that sit behind every single communication sent out, which in turn results into ‘brand trust.’



What do you write about?

Write about what you are doing! If you are attending a show, invite your customers along to come have a chat with you and tell them the benefits they can expect from the day. Get excited about the events so publically count down to the big day causing intrigue and interest. Asking customers for their opinions and advice can be very popular too. Advertise your downloadable literature (e-book / e-newsletter) to help customers by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Post blogs from relevant sources whom you believe to be beneficial to your audience. Share relevant articles, upload images of staff achievements and shout about positive company facts and stats that you are proud of. Focus on the soft sell approach; talking in a way that’s comfortable, conversational and relatable.


Is it all positive?

No… and yes. You are aiming to eventually engage in one-to-one conversations where many are initiated by your customers asking a question on our Facebook wall, commenting on a photograph or messaging you directly. Customers can endorse your statements and share their experiences. All great, but if a customer is unhappy with your service they have a quick, easy, public platform to express their feelings freely. However this allows you to redeem yourself and provides authenticity of your service. All companies experience issues at some point but it’s how you deal with it that really matters. Other customers can see your responses, a quick resolution demonstrates that you listen and care, and offers reassurance and trust.


What do you hope to achieve from it all?          

You want to retain your existing customers and acquire new customers by taking them into your brand’s experience. Having a social media voice lets your audience know what to expect when they interact with you. So listen to them first, find out their problems, concerns, questions or statements and reply in a timely fashion… quickly!

In summary offer customer support, knowledge and education, and general interesting, fun points of view. This shows your personality, shares your ‘voice’, and your authenticity and accessibility builds ‘brand trust.’




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