The tigers

Tiger Marketing is a boutique style marketing agency with a small but mighty team.

Our mission is to provide unique, powerful, beautiful and innovative solutions for our clients – and have fun doing it! We are not wishy-washy jargon speaking bamboozlers, we are open, honest and bloody hard working.

Working with our ROARsome tigers will ensure you get pro-active, energetic and level-headed marketing virtuosos who are task driven to achieve inspiring and effective results.


Managing Director

AKA 'Head Tiger'

What I do

A whole load of listening, a considerable bulk of thinking and a marvellous chunk of planning. Marketing strategy and creative advertising campaigns are my bag!

To stop my brain from constantly working, I do CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, paddle boarding (even in winter) and love downtime with my little girl.

Why I love it

I find people absolutely fascinating as is the psychology behind people’s motives, thoughts and actions.

The businesses and people that know who they are, what they want to achieve but need the help getting there are my favourite.

The chats with our clients on brainstorming and planning campaigns, sharing the vast improvements made and hearing how thrilled they are with the progress and results will never get boring!

A little story

I can deadlift 185% more than my body weight!

What I do

I’m the jungle wordsmith, so whether it’s a new landing page, a compelling blog post or witty social content – if you need copy, I’ll craft it.

At home, I can be found attempting to write my first novel, baking (I’ve perfected the chocolate orange brownie), and looking after my beloved Springer spaniel Noodle.

Why I love it

I love the challenge of creating engaging copy about subjects I wouldn’t ordinarily know much about – I briefly get to be an expert on a wonderfully diverse range of subjects. (Just don’t test me on what I was writing about two weeks ago…)

I’m a writing nerd at heart, and I’m never happier than when thinking about a brand’s tone of voice, clarity of message, and consistency of copy.

A little story

I am really scared of the sea, and all the terrifying things that live in it. But for the last two years, I’ve been on a mission to conquer my fear – and now sea-swimming is my favourite summer activity. I’m lucky to live in Brighton and work in Worthing, so I’m never more than a short walk from the beach!





Marketing Manager

AKA 'Melbot'

What I do

The jungle’s chief-organiser, keeping client needs and team workloads in balance. As a lover of social media, blog, PR and web content development, research is a huge part of my job - from gathering audience data for a new luxury property development, to interviewing a NASA astronaut.

Being a metaphorical life-juggler, I’m always busy with my two little ones as chauffeur, dance mum, and top snack-maker.

Why I love it

The sheer variety of work generated by our eclectic mix of clients – we handpick them all, so we make sure our workday is never dull!

A little story

I once had lunch with the late Amy Winehouse in St Lucia and when in New York playing a game of pool, I was stood next to Bruce Willis the whole time and didn’t even notice – criminal!

What I do

Combat poor SEO practices and implement top level digital and SEO strategies through auditing, scouring data for patterns, internal process development and audience outreach.

When I’m not in the jungle getting clients onto page 1 of Google, I’m parenting, reading or exploring the world (pandemic permitting!).

Why I love it

It’s all about the challenge! A ‘one size fits all’ approach never works - finding the right mix of technical and creative elements that’s right for our partners, that will accomplish the biggest impact is deeply satisfying!

A little story

While lost in an Indian jungle searching for a secret waterfall, a bizarre moment occurred when I saw a monkey chasing a peacock. The peacock got away.


Senior SEO Manager

AKA 'Revinator'


Graphic Designer

AKA ‘Anna Banana’

What I do

The jungles’ maker and creator, I started off my career as a photographer, and enjoyed my time documenting the world around me. This led me into design and I have never looked back.

Why I love it

I love starting a new challenge and creating something that will be around for many years. Being methodical and organised yet creative and pushing boundaries is a rare juxtaposition that can’t often be indulged.

A little story

I worked in the jungles of Borneo for three months rehabilitating young Orangutangs. I am pretty sure we all started to smell and behave like them by the end of the trip but it's one of the best things I have done in my life.

What I do

The jungles’ chief forecaster and finance administrator, I hold the purse strings. When the team are hunting for ways to expand territory and deploy new software, I help strategise for the best ROI.

Outside of work, I’m a mum to 3, a nana to 3, and love to dance to ballroom and funk!

Why I love it

Beyond anything, it’s the closeness we have as a team. We’re open and discuss everything. The commitment is always 100% in bringing out the best in the business and each other!

A little story

I am a former landlady and a qualified hairdresser. I changed career path later in life, at first it was hard but now I love it so much it’s not like going to work!


Company Secretary & Finance Administrator

AKA 'Mother Hen'


PPC Manager

AKA 'Tiny Tim'

What I do

I analyse data and trends, then turn that technical data into meaningful insights to be effectively acted upon. I’m one of those people who is genuinely at home in a spreadsheet. I ensure we communicate statistics in a way that fits each client, whilst optimising ad campaigns to positively react to the opportunities and patterns we’ve discovered for the best return on investment.

Why I love it

Ad campaigns can often be like looking at a 1000-piece puzzle - there's much to work out, uncover and organise. It's a great challenge. Hunting down the golden nugget that unlocks a campaign's performance is incredibly rewarding, from start to finish.

A little story

I love being active outside, I've climbed the 3 tallest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales a summer at a time and I managed without a single blister! A sight I'll never forget was seeing the elusive Brocken spectre whilst in the cloudline on Scafell Pike in the Lake District. A giant shadow surrounded by a halo of all colours is not what you expect to see part way up a mountain.

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