Where’s the tiger

You’re right to question it.

Why doesn’t a brand with tiger in the name depict an actual tiger in all its majesty? We proudly show other jungle animals throughout our website, after all.

The tiger is there if you look hard enough - you’ll see glimpses.

And that’s completely intentional.

As an endangered animal with a habitat that is fast vanishing, they’re rather elusive in the wild. Their numbers have plummeted from 100,000 to just 5,574. There are more tigers held in captivity in the US as attractions than there are roaming free.

These glorious, powerful and unique beasts (just like our marketing) are on the brink of extinction so they could really do with your support… (Yep. There’s a meaningful reason why you can’t find our tiger – clever huh!)

Born Free funds essential care for rescued tigers, promotes healthy co-existence and prevents human-wildlife conflict. Find out how you can help from those who can explain it better than we ever could and visit Born Free today. Adopt a tiger!

That’s exactly what we did…

Meet Gopal, our tiger

On International Tiger Day 2020 (what better day to make this ROARsome decision) we adopted Gopal, a beautiful Bengal tiger currently residing at Born Free’s tiger sanctuary in India.

Gopal was rescued from harm after he came into conflict with humans by preying on their livestock.

Knowing he was in imminent danger of being killed, the authorities captured him but deemed it too risky to release him back into the wild. Born Free offered a safe haven for him at their sanctuary in Bannerghatta National Park, southern India.

These days, Gopal safely enjoys roaming his natural forest habitat, closed off to visitors and will experience lifetime care.

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