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Twitter is a popular micro-blogging social media platform that has 1 billion users and 36 million unique monthly visitors. 


Twitter is great for creating intrigue by broadcasting short pieces of information and breaking news. Great for linking posts to other social media platforms and pointing traffic to your website where more information can be read. It disseminates information extremely quickly, enables you to upload an image and users can send messages of 140 characters or less.


Twitter allowinteraction in real-time. Twitter users are predominantly on mobile phones as it enables quick and easy communication. You would be able to track what people are saying about you or your related business competitors.


Regular tweets scheduled throughout the week, throughout various times of the day will ensure you are reaching out to as many people as possible. With other social media platforms, customers will look at your profile and scroll through your posts, whereas on Twitter you are more likely to be found via the news feed so it is imperative to have several daily tweets being published.

This platform works best if it is closely monitored; joining in with trending topics and replying to queries, conversations in real-time or relatively quickly.

Brand Exposure:

Twitter allows engagement with people in a viral way. Loyal and satisfied users would ‘retweet’ and ‘favourite’ as a form of referral or recommendation. Through constant and vital tweeting, your brand awareness would be enhanced.

Advertising on Twitter can also increase your reach significantly to your target audience and for £20 a post can reach approximately 2,500 people.


Utilising keywords with hastags (#) enables people to find your industry and services available very easily. It is also worth bookmarking as not only can you search popular hastags, it allows you to bring together tweets, posts, pictures and videos from multiple social networks.




Twitter is a practical and useful way of sharing information of your company online. Your targeted ‘decision makers’ or customers can ‘follow’ you. Following related and relevant people in your business sector will ensure your network is beneficial to your business.






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