How do I get my Facebook business page verified?

Posted by Tiger Marketing on 14 December 2020

With Facebook becoming ever more competitive, any extra step you can take to ensure your Facebook business page stands out from the competition can only enhance your standing within the platform; and gain you recognition amongst potentially new and already existing followers.

How do I get my Facebook business page verified


The benefits of a verified Facebook business page and gaining that little blue tick include:

  • Authenticity – the check mark acts as Facebook’s stamp of approval. When users hover over the blue tick they will see a pop up stating ‘Verified Page’. This means Facebook has now recognised you as an authentic verified Facebook business page, and more importantly so will potential customers.
  • SEO advantages – according to Facebook once you complete the verification process you will receive a pop up saying ‘Your page will have a verified badge and show up higher in search results to help attract more visitors’. The better your search results, the more interest and impact your page will have.
  • Improves credibility – first impressions count, and by having a professional business page with relevant and consistent content that is also approved by Facebook, it can help ensure your Facebook business page leaves a lasting positive impression.
  • Eliminates confusion – we find this all too often with clients, that over time various pages have been set up by different people within the business. This can cause confusion when people are looking for you. So, by verifying your page this tells Facebook and your potential customers that this is, in fact, the official page of your business.

So, you’ve decided that verifying your page is a great idea, now how do you go about it?

Follow these easy steps to get a verified Facebook business page:

  • Click ‘Settings’ at the top of your business page
  • Under the ‘General’ category, click ‘Page Verification’
  • Click ‘Verify this Page’ and an ‘Enter Phone Number’ pop up box will appear
  • Enter the details requested including your listed business phone number, your country and language
  • Click ‘Call Me Now’ to allow Facebook to call you with a verification code
  • Enter the 4-digit verification code and click ‘Continue’

How do I get my Facebook business page verified


There is also an option to verify your Facebook business page using a business document instead of a telephone number. Simply, follow the steps above and click ‘Verify this Page with documents’ instead of at the bottom left of the window that appears. Upload a picture of an official document showing your business’s name and address and Facebook will then review the details match and will send you a notification or email about your verification status.


Have we convinced you a verified Facebook business page is a must? Let us know how you get on, and whether you notice a positive impact on your page if you are successful and become Facebook business page verified.


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