Marketing – do you know…?

Posted by Tiger Marketing on 20 November 2017

What is Marketing?

Strategy is so important to your business

It’s promoting a product or service and communicating the value to customers.

It’s an activity that sets out objectives, strategies and tactics that result in making the products or services available to customers, satisfying customer needs and making a profit for the company.


Why is Marketing Important?

Well, that is how you get customers.

Clearly no one is going to walk into your office and ask for whatever it is you are selling unless they know that you are there and what you are selling.


marketing-advertising-signs-tigermarketingIs Marketing the same as Advertising and Sales?

NO! Marketing is not the same as advertising or sales, it is much more involved than that! It’s about developing a strategic plan that generates leads that then turn into sales.

It’s about defining your target audience, selecting your USP (unique selling point) – what makes you great, and different from your competitors, it’s about planning every detail for all eventualities, choosing which channels of advertising to use, and being creative!


Being creative is very important, you can have the largest budget in the world but if it’s an unimaginative, boring concept it will be easily lost and won’t reach your target audience.


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